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"World’s First Pedal Drum Machine"

BeatBuddy pedal drum machine 3/4 picture.
BeatBuddy pedal drum machine picture with optional foot switch.

BeatBuddy with optional footswitch

BeatBuddy is the perfect accessory for guitarists, bassists and keyboard players, or anyone who wants live control of a beat with the hands-free ease of a pedal. Unlike traditional drum machines, BeatBuddy is a small, single pedal that offers real-time creative control, making it ideal for solo players, singer/songwriters and music educators.

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Shipping Included

"...a dream come true for one-man band singer-songwriters."

-- MusicRadar.com


“a genius idea… the simple hands-free drum machine guitar players have been waiting for.”

-- Gizmodo


"The BeatBuddy is something I can use for my solo gigs – of which I do at least 100-150 a year. It’s the one thing that I have been missing..."

-- GuitarGear.org


"I don't think I've ever seen such amazing support for a guitar related product... incredible! ...definitely looks like a lot of fun!"

-- Guitarnoize.com


"Accurate timing and a solid sense of rhythm is requisite for any musician. The BeatBuddy is the perfect solution and its a blast to work (and play) with! We're thrilled to introduce it to our student body."

-- Brad Wendkos, Founder TrueFire.com The leading online educational resource for guitarists


BeatBuddy Mini

BeatBuddy beat styles and drum kits list.
BeatBuddy top view.

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